SB Settiings 1

Slide to adjust the timed web surfing limits for each day and the total surf time allowed per week. Setting the slider to the rightmost position will enable unlimited time use.

SB settinings 2

The Surf Filter selects the level of filtering applied to any user-entered website addresses.  Given the rate of change of websites on the Internet, no filter can be perfect. If you have specific sites that you want to be certain are blocked, enter the sites in the Block list described below.

Low - the minimum filtering blocks websites in categories such as adult, phishing, search engines, and spyware.

Med - blocks websites in Low, plus those in categories such as dating, drugs, gambling, guns, liquor sales, violence, and weapons.

High - blocks websites in Low and Med, plus those in categories such as ads, chat, instant messaging, games, online payment, social networking, and webmail.

SB settings 3

Choose how much of the SurfBalance catalog you would like to be displayed. If set to None, you can still see any of the sites which you have entered in the Allow list.

SB settings 4

Choose whether a user can enter a website URL (i.e. into the SurfBalance browser. If set to OFF, a user can still see any of the sites in the catalog (unless it is set to None) and any sites which you have entered in the Allow list.

SB settings 5

To enhance and personalize filtering, you can enter specific sites to either the Allow list or the Block list by selecting the appropriate button in the toolbar while viewing the website.  

The Site-level Allow/Block Control shows you all of the sites in the selected catalog view and any other sites which you have added to the Allow list. For example, you may want to allow access to a specific game site, but leave the Surf Filter set to block other game sites.

SB settings 6

The Blocked Site List shows you all of the sites which you would like blocked in addition to sites blocked according to your Surf Filter setting. If you later remove the site from the Blocked list, the site will be moved to the Allowed site list.

SB settings 7

The Review list provides links to sites which have been blocked, where the user has requested permission to visit the sites. From the review list, you can visit the site and decide whether to move it to either the Allow or Block list.

The review list also shows the top used sites, which you can visit and move to the Block list if desired.

SB settings 8

Choose if and when the browser enters full screen mode - OFF, on single tap, or automatically at the end of each page load.

SB settings 9

Set this switch ON to block user form submissions. Note that this may block login pages in addition to standard web form pages.

SB settings 10

Set this switch ON to block phone number to phone dialing links.

SB settings 11

Enter up to two email addresses, an optional device name, then select the desired report frequency to receive usage reports. These reports show the amount of time spent at sites by category and the most highly used sites in the past day or week of use.