FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does SurfBalance have an age rating of 12+in the App Store?

A. SurfBalance default settings apply the "high" level of filtering to web access. However, per Apple policy "Applications must be rated accordingly for the highest level of content that the user isable to access", we therefore have a 12+ app age rating. We encourage parents to use the SurfBalance advanced parental controls to adjust the filter and catalog to their desired age range upon installation.

Q. I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

A. When you set your password, you were asked to create a question and clue to retrieve. If you do not remember your clue answer, or have exceeded the maximum number of password attempts, you can either wait 24 hours and retry or remove and reinstall SurfBalance. When you reinstall SurfBalance, you will be asked to create a new password and clue.

Q. A new website does not seem to be blocked, how do I setup blocking for this site?

A. With the rate of change of websites, no software can provide perfect filtering by site category. You can setup SurfBalance to block or allow specific websites through the password-protected Parents section. For example, to block a specific site, tap Site-level Allow/Block Control. Then tap the globe and enter the url for the site you wish to block. When the site has loaded, press the Block button to add the site to the Block list. All pages with this site domain will now be blocked, regardless of your Surf Filter setting.

Q. Why does an allowed website show a blank page with a symbol in the middle of the page?

A. The iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and many other mobile devices do not currently support Adobe Flash, which is used on many websites. A growing number of these sites provide alternative pages without Flash when they detect a mobile device. However, for sites which have no alternative pages, you will often see a blank screen with a small symbol in the center, or a text message which asks that you load Flash software. Since there is currenlty no compatible Flash software for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can ignore this message and move on to another non-Flash website or non-Flash page within the same site.