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Q:Which Pocket PCs does UltraMote® software support?
A: UltraMote software supports the Dell Axim X3/X30/X5/X50 & X51s, Compaq iPAQ H31/36/37/38xx, HP iPAQ hx4700/05, HP Jornada 56x series, the Audiovox Maestro, Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 600, Toshiba e310, e33x, e350, e550G, e740, e750 and many XScale 2xx-based models with an IrDA port and non-square touchscreen.  

Q:Which Pocket PCs can also use the UltraMote Extender® in combination with UltraMote Software?
A: The UltraMote Extender is only sold and supported for use with UltraMote software on the following models at this time - Audiovox Maestro, Compaq iPAQ H31/36/37/38xx with external single-slot CF sleeve, Dell Axim X5/X50/X51, Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 600, HP iPAQ hx 4700/05, Toshiba e550G, e740 and e750.

Q:I am using a device with Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. When I install UltraMote® software, I get an “unknown publisher” warning. What causes this warning?
A: Windows Mobile 5.0 now looks at embedded certificates during application installation. Unfortunately, applications with certificates will not install properly on prior OS versions unless users upgrade to the forthcoming ActiveSync 4.0. Until this installation process is more seamless for end users across OS versions, we will continue to provide a single installation which works on all of our supported OS versions (PPC2000/2002/2003/2003SE/WM5.0). In the meantime, users with Windows Mobile 5.0 should just acknowledge the warning and continue installation.

Q:I just downloaded and installed UltraMote® Software and am trying to learn the first remote commands for my first device. I have checked the system Settings>>Connections>>Beam page to make sure that I have set the device to “receive all incoming beams”. Why am I am getting a “learn timeout” error?
A: After the first installation, some models require a power down/power up cycle in order for the settings to take effect. Just exit the Learn mode, turn off your Pocket PC power, then turn back on and restart UltraMote Learn mode.

Q:How do I customize the graphics or add skins to UltraMote software?
A: You can import your own graphics created from PC-based graphics programs into your Pocket PC using ActiveSync to copy into the UltraMote software Skins folder.You also can use some of the provided graphics in programs such as Paintshop to customize your buttons. Paintshop has pre-defined directional arrows, for example, that you can import to your custom skin. Clipart can be imported from virtually any source, such as clip art CDs or clipart websites, such as You also can add any scanned art from your PC to your UltraMote software skin.
Please check out the new Paintshop skin templates provided on the site and the step-by-step instructions on how to use these templates with the graphics of your choice to quickly create new skins.

Q:Can I use more than 10 device/activity screens for a given location?
A: Yes, beginning with v2.0, you can now learn any number of device/activities, limited only by your available memory. This allows you to have a fully customized activity screen or "dashboard" for each favorite activity (i.e. watch movie, listen to CD), and still have seperate screens dedicated to each device (i.e. TV, DVD, Receiver) at each location. You can also use the screen templates to "cut and paste" the buttons you desire for each activity onto a single screen. For example, you can paste the 3 power buttons you need to watch a movie right next to the two source input buttons, then put the play, stop and pause buttons below. Of course, many users prefer to create their own fully customized screens using their own graphics or even images of their equipment.

Q:What can I do to enhance the range of UltraMote software?
A: We cover some of these challenges and recommended tips in our Setup and Operating Instructions, which we developed based upon testing with all major types of Consumer IR encoding. If you have tried these tips, and are still not able to achieve satisfactory range, please email us your brand/model number so we can try to accommodate any unusual encoding types in future releases.

(excerpt from UltraMote software Setup and Operating Instructions):

NOTE: Pocket PCs and PDAs in general are optimized for data communication according to the IrDA standard. This standard utilizes a slightly different wavelength, different modulation frequencies and is intended for short range communication. UltraMote software utilizes advanced signal processing to compensate for many of these variances, depending upon the limitations of your specific Pocket PC design. However, UltraMote software will generally have a shorter control range than the remote control that came with your device. Please try out UltraMote software during the evaluation period, to ensure that the control range with your equipment is satisfactory. Here are some additional steps you can take to maximize the UltraMote software control range:

1) Make sure to aim your Pocket PC towards the receiver window of the device you are controlling.
2) If you have confirmed that UltraMote software is compatible with your equipment, but are still not satisfied with the range, you should consider purchasing the UltraMote Extender (r). The UltraMote Extender is a proprietary card that fits into the slot in the iPAQ 31/36/37/38xx CF expansion sleeve or the built in CF slot of the Dell Axim X5, X50 or X51, HP iPAQ hx4700/05, Maestro, Toshiba e570/e550G/e740/e750, or Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 600. The UltraMote Extender transmits more power, at the proper wavelength, with a wide dispersion angle to provide up to 50 feet of control range.
3) There are also several external IR/RF extender devices on the market. For example, UltraMote softwarehas been tested with the Recoton DSC IR-100A, which is sold at Best Buy, Blockbuster and other retail locations.

Q:Can any UltraMote software buttons autorepeat for scrolling, volume up/down, etc?
A: Yes, older versions of UltraMote software provided autorepeat on the hardware buttons only. Beginning with v1.2.1, UltraMote software offers autorepeat on all buttons. Simply tap the button to send a single command, or hold the button to autorepeat (n/a for Toshiba e310 at this time).

Q:Can UltraMote Extender be delivered outside the United States?
A: Yes, UltraMote Extender can now be shipped to the U.S., Canada and Mexico and to the following countries worldwide: Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, St. Lucia, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, and Vietnam. Shipping times range from 5-10 business days, depending upon location.

Q:Does the UltraMote Extender work with the PC Card, Double PC Card, Double CF expansion sleeves for iPAQ?
A: The UltraMote Extender has been tested with the iPAQ single CF sleeve, and the new iPAQ CF "Plus" sleeve. We do not recommend using UltraMote Extender with any other iPAQ sleeves at this time and cannot be liable for any damages resulting from such use.

Q:Can I run UltraMote software from a Flash Card?
A: UltraMote software is currently designed to have a fairly small footprint and work with a RAM based directory structure. We have also found a very good use for the CF slot when using UltraMote software – see the UltraMote Extender.

Q:Why can’t I hear the audio cues (i.e. Learn start & stop tones) as described in the Setup and Operating Instructions?
A: Sounds must be enabled for programs, which is a check box option on your Pocket PC Main>>Settings>>Personal dialog screen.

Q:If I can't hear any tones in Learn mode, how can I tell UltraMote software is working?
A: Even if you do not have sounds enabled for programs (Pocket PC Main>>Settings>>Personal), or you have the volume turned down, you will still get two visual indications during Learn mode. First, the LED will light and/or flash during Learn mode. Second, buttons which have not yet been programmed will be shaded. When you press one of these buttons, you will see the shading invert, indicating that UltraMote software is now waiting for the infrared command from your remote control. UltraMote software ignores all other screen taps while awaiting and analyzing the infrared command from your remote (except a soft reset), to ensure the highest quality capture of the command. When UltraMote software has learned the command, the button will return to the normal color, indicating success for the selected button. You may then continue to Learn additional buttons, or exit Learn mode, which will cause the LED to stop flashing. If UltraMote software does not receive an infrared signal within the time specified in the Learn Timeout settings, you will see an error dialog message. After you acknowledge by pressing OK, you will return to Learn mode and can select the same or another button, or exit Learn mode.

Q:When in Learn mode, why do I keep getting a timeout error, even though I have checked the remote control batteries and am sure it is sending to the Pocket PC?
A: Make sure that you have infrared reception enabled in your system Settings>>Connections>>Beam page. If you have just installed UltraMote® software, see the similar question above.

Q:e310 Only - UltraMote software seems to learn and send, but why can't I get any response from my TV, VCR, etc?
A: Both the send and receive operation of the e310 are affected by the Settings>>Connections>>Beam setting. Please make sure it is checked at all times for proper learn AND send operation.

Q:UltraMote learns properly, but why can’t I get it to send?
A: Beginning with v1.2.1, UltraMote offers support for both internal (IrDA port) and external (UltraMote Extender) infrared operation (n/a for Jornada or e3xx). Please make sure that you have the correct selection in the Main>>Options Output Select box.

Q:I noticed my PPC has various processor speed settings, which speed setting should I use for best UltraMote performance?
A: While UltraMote software can operate at any speed setting, we recommend that you use the highest speed when in Learn mode for highest accuracy and widest device compatibility.

Q:What do I do if my Pocket PC must be returned to the OEM and replaced under Carepaq or similar warranty replacement programs?
A: The UltraMote software license is for a single unit, and is tied to the serial number to prevent piracy and unlicensed use. We work with customers whose original units were defective and must be returned to the OEM and replaced and offer these customers a new key for the replacement unit with proper documentation of such a return & replacement under Carepaq or similar warranty programs.
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